X-Tracker Download

General Description
The X-Tracker is a MS-Windows based software utility for managing and tracking X-Key activity. An authorized personnel roster is set up and enables these personnel to "log-on" to an X-Key, which enables it to communicate with and enable an Xeptor. The personal ID and a time and date stamp are stored in an encrypted redundant file system on the PC and in the X-Key. When the X-Key is used to enable changes to the "learned coins" of an Xeptor, this same information is stored in the Xeptor and the serial number of the Xeptor is stored in the X-Key. Responsibility for the X-Key is terminated by X-Tracker "log off". This disables the X-Key and stores the log-off information, including the Xeptor serial numbers in the redundant encrypted PC log files.

Who Is Authorized To Use X-Tracker?
This utility may be freely downloaded by anyone from this Web page. However, the application will not run until you enter an Authorization Code from IDX. When you first start the application it give you specific instructions for contacting IDX with specific information, and for negotiating payment of the $300 sales price. Upon approval of the information and payment method, IDX will provide you with an Authorization Code for enabling the application.

What Are The System Requirements For Operation?
If your computer runs any version of MS Windows, you should have no trouble running this application... famous last words. It doesn't take much memory, disk space, screen size or "Pentassium" to make it work... just a simple MS Windows computer that doesn't crash much will be fine. Note: If you have a newer budgetary computer without a real serial port, then you will have to get a USB to serial port adapter from a local electronics retailer... but they are not all made equally. For example, we know the Radio Shack adapter has worked on Win98 and WinME, but will give you the "blue screen of death" on WinXP. However, the Belkin F5U109 adaptor, available at Office Depot and other retailers, is rated to work with Win98 through WinXP and does so quite well.

What Are The New Version 1.4 Features You Can't Live Without?
First, we have expanded the number of employees that you can register in your Security Roster to 36, and have organized them into three shifts. we have made future updates as simple as clicking a button... so long as your computer is internet connected. Second, we have upgraded the Connect To Xeptor function to include capability to examine the configuration of the newer X-20, X-22, and X-60 coin acceptors. Third, we have added a COM Port Test capability so you don't have to blindly guess which port might work. And finally, we have made future updates as simple as clicking a button... so long as your computer is internet connected.

 Download The X-Tracker Application

1. The application files are in a single zipped file you Click Here to download. The file size is about 2.9 MB.

2. If your operating system is not Win 2000, skip this step.  If you have Win 2000... lucky you... the special needs guy...  then you must Click Here For Win 2K Special Instructions.

3. When prompted for how to download the file, you can choose to save it to disk in a place of your choice, however we recommend that you click Open from the choices, which in most MS Windows systems will unzip and display its contents directly as shown in the second graphic on the right.

4. Either Windows or WinZip should open the zipped file folder automatically  and show three files. Double-click the one called  setup.exe  to start the installation of the application software. Note, with some older versions of WinZip you will have to first extract the files to another folder (or drag and drop them to the desktop) to get setup.exe to run when you double-click it.

5. Follow the instructions and suggestions of the installation program as it progresses. You may encounter a warning about one of the system files trying to over-write a newer version already on your computer. The proper response is Yes  to keep the  newer one already on your computer.

6. When it's done, you may want to put a shortcut icon on your desktop to make finding the program easier. To do so, click Start  -  Programs - X-Tracker, then right click on the icon for the  X-Tracker  and then click Sent To - Desktop (create shortcut).

7. Double-click the X-Tracker shortcut icon to start the program..

8. If you are upgrading from a prior version, you will not loose any of your prior log files or security roster information and will not be required to re-register with IDX to install and operate this upgrade.