Xeptor Selection Chart     

(See Notes Below) Xeptor
Accept Path Diameter Range

Clad Coin Alloy Sense

Optical Code Read Diameter Accuracy Coins Per Second

On Left Side

.65-1.47in ---


.005" 20
16-37mm .125mm
X-20 Straight
On Left Side
.65-1.11in Yes --- .005" 20
16-28mm .125mm
X-21 Straight
On Left Side
.80-1.25in Yes --- .005" 18
20-31mm .125mm
X-22 Straight
On Left Side
1.0-1.47in Yes --- .006" 16
25-37mm .15mm
X-50 Cross Left To Right 1.3-1.95in  --- X-Mark,
.007" 10
34-49mm .18mm
X-60 Cross Left To Right 1.3-1.95in  --- X-Mark,
.007" 10
34-49mm .18mm
X-70 Straight
Right Side
1.3-1.95in  --- X-Mark,
.007" 10
34-49mm .18mm


Xeptor Common Features

Physical Size IDX coin acceptors have the industry standard 3.5" wide and 4.0" tall dimensions with three shoulder screw locations on each side. See dimensional drawings for details. Note that the X-50 and X-70 units have a separate electronics control module not shown above.
Electrical Interface Each IDX coin acceptors has an 8 pin header which connects to one of many Personality Plugs which adapt it to all popular connector types used in the industry.
Coin Memory IDX coin acceptors do not hold a physical sample coin, but rather learn and hold the electronic coin signature for as many as 6 different coins or tokens.
Center & Edge Metal IDX coin acceptors have a unique coin centering coin chute and small metal alloy sensors which enable them to separately measure the alloy on both the edge and center of  bi-metal coins.
Credit Optics Option All IDX coin acceptors can be optionally ordered with or without built in credit optics used to verify that the coin has passed the gate relay in the proper direction and speed.
Coin Programming All IDX coin acceptors may be programmed by hand using a procedure for dropping sample coins through the unit. Xeptors with version 4.0 and later firmware can be programmed at the touch of a button using a hand held Coin Selector device.
Program Security Our Electronic Security Key and X-Tracker software allow you to secure the programming of the unit once complete and track personnel whom have made changes to the programming.
Hinged Opening The hinged opening door-like construction of all IDX coin acceptors allows for easy release of bent or shingled coins without the worry that someone will do damage with a screwdriver.
Built In Diagnostics In order to quickly diagnose possible causes for operational trouble, one only needs to turn the built-in rotary switch and observe an LED to check the operation of each part of the unit.
Auto Tune Technology Long term stability of acceptance is assured via firmware that automatically compensates for component age, temperature effects, and other physical configuration changes.

IDX offers the highest performance casino coin acceptors for coins and tokens in the industry.

Notes For Selection Table Information

Clad Coin Alloy Sense Clad coins have an inner alloy clad by a distinctly different outer alloy on some security tokens and some government issued currency. Some IDX Xeptors have advanced non-contact inductive sensing circuitry that can actually read the center layer separately from the outer layer.
Optical Code Read IDX holds patents covering the X-Mark and SmartMark "minted facet" technology, each of which add security against cross play and counterfeiting. X-Mark tokens are produced under license by Osborne Coinage, and SmartMark tokens are produced under license by Roger Williams Mint.
Diameter Accuracy The diameter accuracy quoted is based on the statistical standard deviation in the measurement of a large number of coins. (This pretty much means the average error.) The cut-off point for acceptance/rejection is typically approximately 3 times the standard deviation value in the table.
Coins Per Second This is the rate for rejecting a bad coin among a stream of otherwise good coins. The rate for acceptance of a stream of 100% good coins is approximately 33% higher. The quoted rate is based on coins in the mid range of diameters the unit accepts. The rate is generally a bit higher for smaller coins and a bit lower for larger coins.