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Xeptor Accessories

Personality Plugs (The Xeptor Electrical Interface)
Personality plugs are small connector conversion modules about as big as the last segment of your little finger. They are used to convert the 8pin header in the Xeptor to any of many available connector styles and pin assignments common in the industry. For example, there is one Personality Plug type for each of the older Coin Mechanisms CC-series acceptors and the NRI multi-wire output acceptors. With the correct Personality Plug installed in an Xeptor, retrofit installation requires no machine connector re-wiring! The tables below can help you decide which Personality Plug to use.

Coin Selectors (The Xeptor Coin Programming Module)
Coin Selectors allow you to change the acceptance parameters in a coin acceptor at the press of a button. They were designed to save time and reduce errors in programming large numbers of Xeptors without sacrificing either acceptance or security performance. In addition to downloading preset coin types the Copy&Clone feature allows you to press a button to copy coin signatures from a manually programmed Xeptor into the Coin Selector, and then clone other coin acceptors.

X-Key (The Xeptor Security Module)
While optical codes and a highly discriminating coin acceptor may do well at stopping the threat from outside, the threat from inside must be addressed as well. The IDX X-Key electronic security key and the X-Tracker software utility allow you to control access to coin acceptor programming and track when an who last accessed and modified the coin programming of an Xeptor. 

X-Tracker (The X-Key Management Software)
X-Tracker is a Windows based software utility for managing and tracking X-Key (release-2) activity. An authorized personnel roster is set up and enables these personnel to "log-on" to an X-Key, which enables it to communicate with and enable an Xeptor. The personal ID and a time and date stamp are stored in an encrypted redundant file system on the PC and in the X-Key. When the X-Key is used to enable changes to the "learned coins" of an Xeptor, this same information is stored in the Xeptor and the serial number of the Xeptor is stored in the X-Key. Responsibility for the X-Key is terminated by X-Tracker "log off". This disables the X-Key and stores the log-off information, including the Xeptor serial numbers in the redundant encrypted PC log files.

Xaminer (The Xeptor Diagnostic Tool)
The Xaminer was designed to be your pocket tool for examining and changing the setup and configuration of IDX Xeptors in the field where bulky laptop computers are cumbersome. The Xaminer software is designed to run on handheld computers based on the Palm“ OS or Microsoft“ Windows“ Pocket PC OS platforms.  A handheld running the Xaminer connects via cable to the serial port of the Xeptor and provides a graphical interface for diagnosis and configuration of the Xeptor.  Using Xaminer, one can examine or set all of the operational parameters, see the coin parameter readings to diagnose troublesome acceptance, and see all of the self-diagnostic information in English to troubleshoot and maintain proper operation of all of the Xeptor sensors.

XaminerPC (The Xeptor Diagnostic Software)
XaminerPC is a PC based troubleshooting software tool providing you with a window into the configuration of  your Xeptors. By knowing how your Xeptors are configured and what they are reading from the coins you will have the information you need to troubleshoot coin acceptance problems. You may unexpectedly find that someone has programmed the Xeptor for the wrong coin set, or that some of your coins just aren't like the rest of your coins, or that the Inhibit Logic or Credit Pulse Width are not set the same as for the machines that are working. XaminerPC gives you all the information you need to diagnose the real problem and quickly get to the right solution. As this product evolves, simply click the Internet Update button to upgrade to the latest version. If you prefer the hand held Palm or Pocket PC computer platforms for portability in the field, please see our  Xaminer version of this software.