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Diagnostic Tool For IDX Xeptors


XaminerPC is a PC based troubleshooting software tool providing you with a window into the configuration of  your Xeptors. By knowing how your Xeptors are configured and what they are reading from the coins you will have the information you need to troubleshoot coin acceptance problems. You may unexpectedly find that someone has programmed the Xeptor for the wrong coin set, or that some of your coins just aren't like the rest of your coins, or that the Inhibit Logic or Credit Pulse Width are not set the same as for the machines that are working. XaminerPC gives you all the information you need to diagnose the real problem and quickly get to the right solution. As this product evolves, simply click the Internet Update button to upgrade to the latest version. If you prefer the hand held Palm or Pocket PC computer platforms for portability in the field, please see our  Xaminer version of this software.  

Configuration, security & Health
In the left hand panel, the utility displays the Xeptor's configuration report showing the firmware revision, the unit's ID Number, the detailed coin signature data expected for each coin that it is programmed to accept, the operational status of the various diameter, metal alloy, and credit sensors, and feature configuration information.

In the second panel, the utility displays the identity and log history of any X-Key that had been attached. (Note: The X-Tracker program must also be installed and actively used for name data to be displayed as shown.)

The third panel displays the Failure and Preventative Maintenance codes and deciphers them into plain English. Other important configuration information is also displayed, such as whether the Xeptor is Secured or not.

Edit configuration parameters
Providing that the Xeptor is not secured, you may edit the configuration parameters, including the Inhibit logic, X-Mark security level logic, various timing parameters, and fine tune the tolerance for each individual Coin Memory. (Note: Fine tuning Coin Memory tolerances should not be required if the sample set of coins that it learned was a reasonably diverse sample.)

If you move Xeptors from one brand of machine to another, it may be required that the Inhibit logic or the Credit/Sense timing be changed to suit the machine.

Real time coin data reporting
Test your coins as you drop them through the Xeptor and see just exactly what the Xeptor thinks of them. Without really knowing why coins are being rejected you may be just wasting time shooting in the dark. You may find that like Canadian nickels, your coins may all look alike, but different batches were made from distinctly different alloys, and if you want to accept both, you need to have both coin signatures in Coin Memory. Or you may find that the Xeptor is being inhibited by the machine when you think it should be enabled. Handy reference information about coin acceptance and rejection are in the right hand panel. You may also enter standard Xeptor commands from your keyboard, for example to remind yourself what coins are programmed into Coin Memory.

click for the explanation
The details of Coin Memory information, SysConfig parameters, and self calibration readings, and firmware revision information are just a click away. The information displayed on this page will automatically be for the correct coin acceptor model and firmware version.


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