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X-70 X-Mark® Xeptor® 

Can Your Acceptor Do This?
The model X-70 X-Mark Xeptor is a multi-coin acceptor which can be field programmed to distinguish and accept any of up to six coins or tokens, including the X-Mark optically encoded tokens manufactured exclusively by Osborne Coinage. Multi-coin acceptance offers the possibilities of mixing promotional tokens with standard tokens, accepting older tokens with new tokens in the process of change-over, or replacing expensive (4x) hopper fill real currency with economical tokens. Precision diameter measurement totally eliminates shaved coin acceptance problems. Its opening coin chute will make coin jams a pain in the past. Its built-in multi-color indicator LED provides operational status and field diagnostic information. Its novel Personality Plug modules ensure plug compatibility in field retrofit applications. Its forward thinking, smart communication and field programmability options make it ideal for the coming generation of smarter machines.

      X-70 Xeptor Product Features

  • The X-70 differs from the X-50 only in that the accept/reject path is swapped.

  • Distinguishes and accepts any of up to six different coins or tokens.

  • Reads multiple X-Mark codes and optionally detects the presence of SmartMark.

  • Diameter range: 1.330" to 1.950" (34mm to 49mm) reverse drop configuration.

  • Actually measures coin diameter to +/-.007" typ.

  • Measures metal alloy 3 ways.

  • Accepts up to 10 coins per second.

  • Slide on access covers shed spilled liquids.

  • Built-in coin release and opening coin chute.

  • New coin types can be field programmed without extra equipment.

  • Multi-color indicator LED for operational status and field diagnostics.

  • Universal electrical interface compatibility with existing legacy machines and new machines via Personality Plug modules.

  • Programming secured and tracked with optional X-Key and X-Tracker PC software.

  • Notes: An external controller module is part of the X-70 assembly.

Brochure - PDF

Manual  - PDF 6MB

Newer Online Manual

X-Mark Optical Codes
Minted X-Mark facets form a code in the surface of a token and are read by X-Mark Xeptors to verify that the token is not just some melted lead slug or punched piece of metal having diameter and alloy the same as your token. If you want to eliminate slugs and crossplay then you need X-Mark tokens and Xeptors.
Bi-Metal Coin Signature
The X-70 has unique small geometry metal sensor coils that measure the signature of the coin on both the edge and the center of the coin. The large, oblong and deep-seated coils of other acceptors haven’t a real chance of separating the signatures of edge and center alloys.
Diameter Measurement Precision optical diameter measurement with 0.007” resolution allows the X-70 to eliminate the shaved coin problem that plagues simple comparators and results in tricking hopper counters to overpay customers. The solution: Just Don’t Accept Shaved Coins! X-Key Security
IDX  Xeptors can be manually programmed in the field for the coins they are to accept. When programmed with the X-Key attached, the Xeptor thereafter secures itself such that manual programming can no longer be done unless the X-Key is again attached. This is access control for internal casino security.
Sophisticated Credit Optics Logic
All IDX Xeptors optionally can be ordered with built-in credit optics. The X-70’s sophisticated sequencing and timing logic combine information from the credit sensors and other internal sensors to provide a complete defense against stringing, soda straw tricks, and taped coins, based on coin speed, direction and path.
Personality PlugsTM
Personality plugs adapt a single Xeptor model to any of many industry standard electrical interfaces. More than a dozen Personality Plug modules are available to ensure compatibility with machines requiring any of 24VAC, 24VDC, 12VDC, Tilt, Credit, Sense, and Inhibit signals… or custom..
Full-Open Coin Release
Stop digging bent coins out of comparators with screwdrivers that just rip them up. Even those half-flap acceptors require the screwdriver treatment now and then. Only Xeptors are deigned to fully open on your command.
Auto-TuneTM Technology
Mr. Xeptor never sleeps on the job. When no coins are coming through, he is busy re-calibrating the nine optical sensors and two inductive sensors. He also tracks long term coin data averages so acceptance windows for coins stay centered and perfectly tuned.