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Station Hardware

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Feature Summary
Wickets Administrator is PC based software for managing your Stored Value Wickets operation.
   Revalue / Initialize Account Values On Wickets
   Execute Wicket Refunds & Redemptions
   Create Equipment Service Wickets
   Create Reader Programming Wickets
   Read System Report Wickets - View Reports
   Online Software Update For Program & Readers
   Data Backup & Restore For All Transaction Records

Further detailed operational information can be found on this Wickets Administrator page. There is an evaluation demo mode that allows you to try it out prior to committing to a purchase of any equipment or site licenses. Once you are convinced that Stored Value Wickets are what you need, IDX sales will help you easily convert your installed software into a fully functional installation.  Click the Price List button on the How To Order page for pricing information.

Station Hardware
The Wickets Administrator Station hardware consists of two main components: 1.) the Wickets Administrator Computer that runs the software (below left), and 2.) the Wicket Reader Programming Module that connect via USB / serial port and is used to read/write data to the Wickets (below right).

Wickets Administrator Computer  Wicket Reader Programming Module

Wickets Administrator Computer
Wickets Administrator runs on pretty much any reasonably modern PC running one of the Windows operating systems. IDX does not market, sell, or repair PCs, we only provide this application software to run on a PC that you acquire and maintain. IDX recommends the following minimum specifications for your computer to achieve reasonable performance of the software.

Recommended / Minimum PC Specifications
Operating System Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.  See Vista Note
Screen Resolution 800 x 600 minimum - results in full screen application window sizes.
Processor Speed 800MHz minimum recommended. Faster is fine, but it will not make it better.
RAM Memory Only the usual: 512MB min for Win2K and WinXP, and 1GB min for WinVista.
Hard Drive This application takes very little space. If you PC runs well, it has enough already.
Serial / USB Ports One Serial Port (COM Port) or a USB Port with an adapter is required.
Internet Connection Required for online software download and for the online update feature.

Wicket Reader Programming Module
The Wicket Reader Programming Module is for desktop use by a customer to program Configuration Wickets, Customer Wickets, Service Attendant Wickets, and read data from Report Card Wickets. It includes the component parts listed in the table below.

Wicket Reader Programming Module Components
Programming Module WR88 Wicket Reader packaged in a 4.75"L x 4.75"W x 3.75"H enclosure. It  has a  DB-9F serial port connector and a  +5VDC 5mm circular power connector.
USB Adapter USB to Serial Port Adapter for computers without RS232 Serial Ports. See Note
Serial Port Cable 6' long serial port cable with DB-9 male/female connectors
Power Adapter +5VDC @1.2A Power Adapter for 90-264VAC. Has international plug adapters.


Download & Install Wickets Administrator

Try Demo Mode  -  No Commitment  -  Go Kick The Tires
Normally, in order to run Wickets Administrator you must get AppID, SiteID, and Site License  Codes assigned from the factory. They are required to preserve the system security for all operating customers. However, Wickets Administrator has a "Demo Mode" that allows you to try it out to see what facilities it provides prior to committing to a purchase of any equipment or site licenses. Once you are convinced that Stored Value Wickets are what you need, IDX sales will help you easily convert your installed software into a fully functional installation.

To run in Demo Mode, after you have installed Wickets Administrator as instructed below and have started it up, the first screen will be like the screen shot about a dozen lines below. You will note that in the bottom left corner there is an orange button named  Demo Only . By clicking this button, you will automatically be assigned AppID Code 41 (carwash market) and SiteID Code 777 (reserved for Demo Mode) and you will be off and running. 

Full Installation Instructions
Use these steps to download and install Wickets Administrator:

1.) Click the Download button above or the link to the right to download the file from our server. It contains all of the installation files. Save it to your Desktop... were we will use it.

2.) Open the zip file by double-clicking it to view its contents. Find and double-click file setup.exe to install Wickets Administrator on your computer. Note: To perform this step, the account of the person currently logged on to your computer will likely have to be setup with "computer administrator" rights.

3.) Once you have installed the software, start the application by clicking Start - All Programs - Wickets Administrator and then click the icon for the application. 

4.) You may left-click the icon to start the program, or you may create a shortcut icon on your desktop by  right clicking the icon, selecting "Send To" and then selecting "Desktop (create shortcut)".

5.) When you first start the program, the screen pictured to your right will open and offer you an Installation ID number and request that you contact the IDX factory at 1-800-643-1109 to obtain your AppID Code (specifies your market), your unique SiteID Code (to ensure only your Wickets are used at your location) and a Site License Code which will allow the program to operate on your computer.

6.) Before continuing, see the special note about Windows Vista below. If you are running a 64-bit Windows 7 or newer operating system and are having trouble updating your Wickets Administrator software, please download and run the Then once these codes have been properly entered, click the O.K. button and Wickets Administrator will startup and run for you.

7.) IDX strongly recommends that the first thing you do is to click the Setup button on the main screen of Wickets Administrator and enter your company information, select the Com Port to be used with your Wicket Reader Programming Module and set the Site Division for this location. Note that you can use the  ?  buttons found on the screen to get a detailed description of what that is about.


USB to Serial Port Adapter Warning Note
If you are considering using your own USB to Serial Port Adapter, please beware that some don't function as well as might be expected. Some just do not transfer data in a sufficiently timely manner for IDX real-time software applications, and some of them will not re-initialize themselves after the computer has gone through a Standby or Hibernate cycle. When the adapter does not get re-initialized after Standby or Hibernate modes then Windows will report to our software that the selected serial port is not valid. You have three solutions: 1.) if you have an adapter that malfunctions as described you can unplug and plug it back in to re-initialize it... that may eventually get tiresome, or 2.) you can choose to always use a full shutdown and restart sequence by disabling Standby and Hibernate in the Control Panel -  Appearance/Themes - Display - Screen Saver - Power screen, or better yet 3.) make sure you get a Serial Port Adapter that functions well to begin with....  just buy the ones sold by IDX. The tables below list our experience with a variety of units... buyer beware!

USB to Serial Port Adapters That Work
Manufacturer Model Comments
Byte Runner PL-4COM Single USB port converts to 4 serial ports.
Cables Unlimited USB-2920 Single USB port to single serial port


USB to Serial Port Adapters That DON'T Work
Manufacturer Model Comments
Belkin F5U109 /  N10117 Port is invalid (does not re-initialize itself) after Standby or Hibernate.
Micro Innovations USB610A No LEDs - Some blue screen of death in XP - no Vista support.
Keyspan USA-19HS Some blue screens of death in Win2K and freezes in WinXP


Window Vista Special Note - Pesky Run-Time Error #75
Windows Vista has imposed new access control restrictions with its User Account Control (UAC) utility in order to protect your computer from application software that may want to surreptitiously alter files on your computer. Wickets Administrator needs to save and update files during its use, and thus must be given special permission to do so or you will surely encounter Run-Time Error #75. When this happens, Wickets Administrator will terminate.

Please Click Here for detailed instructions on how to deal with the new Windows Vista UAC so that Wickets Administrator can create and modify the files it needs for its operation. Windows XP and Windows 2000 do not have the problematic UAC. In short, to install the program on your computer you will need to be logged in as an administrator. Then, to prevent the UAC from causing problems you will need to either  specifically change the properties of the program file C:\Program Files\Idx\WAdmin\Wadmin.exe to have administrator privileges, or disable the UAC in Control Panel User Accounts.