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Wicket Cards & Tags
For Cashless Stored Value Payment Systems


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General Description:
Wickets are laminated cards or tags having an  ISO 15693 RFID (radio frequency identification) inlay in the center layer, a Teslin layer on either side for custom graphics and to provide exceptional anti-tear and crack physical properties, and a polyester or PVC cover layer on each side for rigidity. Each Wicket has a unique 64-bit UserID value to identify each manufactured tag. If all of the possible UserID values were used it mean that everyone on this planet could have about 3 billion numbers to themselves.... so, we won't be running out anytime soon. Wickets have no batteries or electrical contacts to power them, but derive their electrical power to operate the onboard chip from the RF field emitted from the Wicket Reader. Wickets are available in either a credit card style, which is easy to machine dispense and carry in a wallet, or in a key tag style which is conveniently attached to a key ring. The inlay consists of a chip and a multi-turn loop antenna tuned to the 13.56 MHz operating frequency. In addition to the transceiver functions of the chip, it also contains password and encryption protected memory blocks for the stored value payment system application data.

Wicket Style Options


Wicket Function Types:
There are seven significant Wicket functions as described below. The stored value data on the Wickets may be written to the Wickets by the factory for you, or you may do so yourself with the Wickets Administrator software utility.

Customer Wickets: There are three kinds of customer Wickets: 1.) Standard Customer, 2.Commercial Accounts, and 3) Gift Wickets. The Standard Customer Wicket provides for an Account Balance for real money which can be refunded, a Bonus Balance for promotion purposes that cannot be refunded for cash, and Loyalty Points which amounts to one point per dollar spent. A Commercial Card Wicket has the same features, but it is recognized by the Revalue Station as such and can receive a different percentage of free Bonus Bucks when more funds are added to the Wicket. A Gift Card Wicket is loaded with a quantity of  Free Starts or Bonus Bucks and distributed in some promotion to get folks to try the service. The Wicket Reader keeps a separate summary of the amounts debited from Wickets for each of these categories.

Equipment Service Wickets
provide your service personnel with a way to test the equipment without requiring money. The Wicket is loaded with a quantity of Free Starts which are accounted for by the Wicket Reader separately in its reporting function. The Wicket Reader is configured to know the value of the Start Amount and will debit one Free Start from the Service Wicket and convert it to the proper amount of pulses or the proper serial port message for the equipment. Wickets Administrator can configure the Wicket Readers to limit the number of service Free Starts in a 24 hour period to limit abuse by wayward employees.

Reader Programming Wickets are the means by which your WR88 Wicket Reader is field programmed to operate in its environment. Through Wickets Administrator a Reader Programming Wicket receives the configuration data to be transferred to a installed Wicket Reader when it is read and recognized. The configuration data includes such things as the SiteID of acceptance, alternate SiteIDs to accept, the equipment Start Amount and Increment Amount, and the Increment Amount Limit. If the Wicket Reader is configured to have a Pulse Output interface, the Pulse Time and Pulse value are set and options for how the Service Sense input is to function are selected. If the Wicket Reader is configured to have a Serial Port Interface, then a communication protocol option must also be selected. With this information, the Wicket Readers can function independently from any network.

System Reports Wickets are the means by which a Wicket Reader can report  to Wickets Administrator all of the transactions made since data was last reported. When a Wicket Reader is configured, it also receives a Group Identity number of 0 to 13. Each Group is associated with a particular class of machines. For example, Group-3 might be associated with the high capacity washing machines and Group-4 might be associated with the high capacity dryers, etc.  The Wicket Reader for each machine in a Group receives the same configuration data. When a System Reports Wicket is presented to a Group-3 Wicket Reader, it will add the totals for debited Account Balances, debited Bonus Balances, Gift Starts, and Service Starts to the memory blocks on the System Reports Wicket reserved for Group-3 accounting data. When the System Reports Wicket has been taken to each of the machines and the summary data from each collected, it is then taken to Wickets Administrator and downloaded into its database for viewing and analysis. 

Banned List Wickets are used in conjunction with the Turbo Accessories Registration and Redemption system to ban the use of  up to three UserID numbers of Wickets by the Wicket Readers on the equipment. For example, if a registered customer looses his Wicket, the operator may choose to believe the customer and give him a new Wicket with claimed loss amount on it, and then ban the customer's former Wicket by looking up the UserID in the Registration system under the customer's name, putting the UserID on the Banned List Wicket, and then reading the Banned List Wicket into each of the Wicket Readers that are to ignore it.

Custom Graphics:
While the Service Equipment, Reader Programming, System Reports, and Banned List type Wickets may not be graphically customized, all of the Customer Wickets may be either semi-custom graphics or full-custom graphics as detailed below.

Full-Custom Graphics allow you to put any combination of image and text onto the front face a Wicket. The back has instruction information which is not available for your customization. You can either submit artwork to us, or we can create it for you. If you decided to create your own artwork, it must be submitted according to the downloadable Wickets Graphics Standards document. If you ask IDX to create the artwork for you, there will be a nominal charge of $50/hr, the costs of which can be minimized by providing clear instructions, sketches, photographs, logo artwork, or anything else that will save time for our graphics department. There are a few downloadable Graphics Templates that may help you get started.

Semi-Custom Graphics allow you to select form one of our standard background pictures for the Wicket and print you company name and location on it as depicted below. There is no extra charge for this service. All we need is the company name and location information you want printed on the Wickets, and a color preference for the text.