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Turbo Accessories Summary
Accessory Applications To Supercharge Wickets

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Registration - Redemption Station

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Wickets Jackpot Station

Night Access Control System

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Turbo Accessories Overview
Turbo Accessories is a PC based software application that supercharges your Wickets installation with an automated Redemption Station, a customer Registration Station, a Wickets Jackpot Station, and a dual Night Access Door Controller. This page will provide a brief summary of each of these modules, describe the hardware stations required for each, and provide instructions for downloading the software over the Internet.  Click the Price List button on the How To Order page for pricing information.

Turbo Accessories Computer
Each of the software module applications requires the Turbo Accessories Computer. All of these application modules may be run from the same computer. In fact, if your field site also functions as your central office, then you may run the Turbo Accessories software on the same computer that you have for Wickets Administrator. Turbo Accessories runs on pretty much any reasonably modern PC running one of the Windows operating systems. IDX does not market, sell, or repair PCs, we only provide this application software to run on a PC that you acquire and maintain. IDX recommends the following minimum specifications for your computer to achieve reasonable performance of the software.

Recommended / Minimum Turbo Accessories PC Specifications
Operating System Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.  See Vista Note
Screen Resolution 800 x 600 minimum - results in full screen application window sizes.
Processor Speed 800MHz minimum recommended. Faster is fine, but it will not make it better.
RAM Memory Only the usual: 512MB min for Win2K and WinXP, and 1GB min for WinVista.
Hard Drive This application takes very little space. If you PC runs well, it has enough already.
Serial / USB Ports 2 for Registration/Redemption Station
2 for Wickets Jackpot Station
1 for each Night Access Door Control (2 max)
1 for Registration Management (may be shared with Wickets Administrator)
Note: See information about USB to Serial Port adapters below.
Internet Connection Required for online software download and for the online update feature.


Registration / Redemption Station
24VAC Transformer
40VA:  TRA24-6
100VA:  TRA183
Computer Interface Cable
TACIC-xx (xx = length in ft.)
 USB To RS-232 Adapter
Single:  WK-USB232-1
 USB To RS-232 Adapter
Quad:  WK-USB232-4

Registration - Redemption Station Operation Details


The Registration and Redemption Station includes a 12" long x 7.35" high x 2.5" deep stainless steel wall-mounted enclosure, an LED scrolling display, a Wicket Reader, and serial port interfaces for both. You will additionally need 40VA @ 24VAC to power the Station, two Computer Interface Cables to connect the Station to two serial ports on your Turbo Accessories Computer (one to communicate with the scrolling display and the other to communicate with the Wicket Reader), and you may also need one or more USB to RS232 serial port adapters for your computer. These two applications are designed to operate together by using a toggle switch  to the left of the light-blue label to allow the customer to select either the registration or the redemption functions. This Station hardware can also be configured to operate as only a Registration Station or only a Redemption Station.

When operation as a Registration Station, when a Wicket holder presents his card to the WR88 Wicket Reader the display will scroll the Wicket's UserID number three times to enable the customer to fill out an information card that the business owner can enter into the system at a later time. If the Wicket is already registered, the customer's last name will be scrolled.

When operating as a Redemption Station, when a Wicket holder presents his card to the Reader the display will scroll is Account Balance, Bonus Balance, and Loyalty Points which may be redeemed here for Bonus Bucks all without having to chase down the attended. If Wicket holder is registered and it is on (or optionally near his birthday) you can automatically reward him with a few Birthday Bonus Bucks.


Wickets Jackpot Station
24VAC Transformer
40VA:  TRA24-6
100VA:  TRA183
Computer Interface Cable
TACIC-xx (xx = length in ft.)
 USB To RS-232 Adapter
Single:  WK-USB232-1
 USB To RS-232 Adapter
Quad:  WK-USB232-4

Wickets Jackpot Station Operation Details


The Wickets Jackpot Station gives your customers a reason to come to your business weekly (or bi-weekly) to read their Wickets at the Jackpot Station to qualify for the next automated drawing. Random drawings are made from all read or registered Wickets. The drawing winner's name or UserID is displayed on the scrolling display, but the winner must actually return to your business to claim the jackpot that he as won. The winner can either be paid by cash/check, or through having Bonus Bucks added back to his Wicket Bonus Balance.

The Wickets Jackpot Station includes a 12" long x 7.35" high x 2.5" deep stainless steel wall-mounted enclosure, an LED scrolling display, a Wicket Reader, and serial port interfaces for both. You will additionally need 40VA @ 24VAC to power the Station, two Computer Interface Cables to connect the Station to two serial ports on your Turbo Accessories Computer (one to communicate with the scrolling display and the other to communicate with the Wicket Reader), and you may also need one or more USB to RS232 serial port adapters for your computer.

Night Access Control System

The Turbo Accessories Night Access Control System provides a door-mounted Wicket Reader so only your preferred registered customers can use their Wickets to open your locked business doors after your attendant has gone for the day. Operators typically experience a 15% - 25% increase in revenue when going to a 24 hour operation, and with the Night Access Control System your customers will act responsibly because they know that you know exactly who was there and when they were there.

As can be seen from the figure above, a door-mounted Wicket Reader is powered from the Night Access Controller and communicates with the Turbo Accessories Computer which, by command, can activate the electric strike on you door to release the latch. When a late night customer reads his Wicket at the door-mounted Wicket Reader, the read UserID is transmitted to the Turbo Accessories Computer to check the UserID with its database of registered customers and then release the door latch if registration is confirmed.

The Stand Alone Night Access Control System (shown here) is very similar, but does not require the Turbo Accessories Computer for it to work. It will activate the electric strike and open the door for anyone who has a Wicket having your SiteID and is not on the currently Banned List of Wickets. Because there is no Turbo Accessories Computer involved, there is no record of who opened any door nor when an opening occurred.


Registration Management Station

Registration Management Station Details


The Registration Management Station consists of a PC of your choice that meets the specifications outlined above and runs the Turbo Accessories software module for your central office functions including: Registration Capture, Mail Manager, Banned Wickets, and screens to view Jackpot History, Redemption History, and Night Access History. In order to run the Banned Wickets function you must also have the Wicket Reader Programming Module (shown to the right in the photo) which is normally part of Wickets Administrator. If you have Wickets Administrator installed on the same computer then Turbo Accessories can share the same Wicket Reader Programming Module.

Although normally operated separately in a central office environment, the Registration Management Station can be operated on site in the field on the same computer that controls the Wickets Jackpot, Registration, Redemption, and Night Access functions.

The Registration Capture function allows you to input the customer information for use with the Mail Manager function, Night Access function, and Banned Wickets function.
The Mail Manager function allows you to print addresses on pre-printed promotional cards and flyers based on a sorting of the customers according to zip code, visit history, win history, and other parameters.
The Banned Wickets function allows you to create a list of registered Wickets that you wish to have banned from use with your equipment. If a customer claims a loss of a Wicket and you refund the money on a new Wicket then you will want to ban the old Wicket. If an employee leaves and does not turn in his Equipment Service Wicket then you will want to ban it from use.
The Jackpot History, Redemption History, and Night Access History screens provide a means for you to review the operation of your system to better manage its effective use according to your needs.


Download Turbo Accessories Software

Turbo Accessories is software you may freely download and freely update online at any time. It contains the database and is the brain that powers all of Turbo Accessories functions. There are no installation codes or fees of any kind required to operate this software. If you have a Wickets system installed, just add the station hardware associated with each of the modules, download this software and  you will be on your way. You may certainly download the software and poke around in it to understand it better before making a purchase of the hardware for any of the stations. 

Installation Instructions
Use these steps to download and install Turbo Accessories:

1.) Click the Download button above or the link to the right to download the file from our server. It contains all of the installation files. Save it to your Desktop... were we will use it.

2.) Open the zip file by double-clicking it to view its contents. Find and double-click file setup.exe to install Turbo Accessories on your computer. Note: To perform this step, the account of the person currently logged on to your computer will likely have to be setup with "computer administrator" rights.

3.) If you have a Window Vista operating system, check the special note below before continuing.

4.) Once you have installed the software, start the application by clicking Start - All Programs - WTurbAcc and then click the icon for the application. If you are running a 64-bit Windows 7 operating system and are having trouble updating your Turbo Accessories software, please download and run the

5.) Create a shortcut icon on your desktop by  right clicking the icon, selecting "Send To" and then selecting "Desktop (create shortcut)". You may start Turbo Accessories by clicking the desktop shortcut.

Computer Setup Instructions
There are two special setup considerations you must take care of to ensure smooth operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as the remote installed stations are dependant on the Turbo Accessories Computer for checking UserID databases and configuring messages to display. First, as you are likely already aware, Windows normally comes setup to automatically shut down your computer after a period of time with no mouse or keyboard activity. So, we must prevent any kind of automatic sleep, hibernation, or shutdown. Second, when your computer reboots after a power outage you likely won't be standing nearby to click the right icons to start Turbo Accessories running. So, we must setup your computer to automatically start Turbo Accessories whenever it reboots.  

(Note: the instructions below are specific for Windows XP. The organization of these controls varies somewhat for Windows 2000 and Windows Vista, so just let these instructions serve as a functional guide.)

Prevent Shutdown: To prevent automatic shut down of your computer after a period of time with no mouse or keyboard activity, do the following steps: 

1.) Right-click the desktop screen and choose Properties, then click the Screen Saver tab, then click the Power button in the Monitor Power frame near the bottom.

2.) You may allow the monitor to turn off after a period of time with no consequence to operation your Turbo Accessories stations. We recommend selecting "After 30 minutes" as the setting to turn off the monitor.

3.) You may allow your hard disks to turn off after a period of time with no consequence to operation your Turbo Accessories stations other than about a 5 second delay in response that may be experienced by a customer when reading his Wicket for the disks to turn on again. We recommend selecting "After 1 Hour" as the setting to turn off hard disk.

4.) Set both System Standby and System Hibernate to "Never". This computer needs to stay awake!!!

5.) On the Advanced tab screen we recommend selecting "Shut Down" for the action to take when the power button is pressed. It is a good thing to get a fresh reboot of the system now and then and this is one way to make sure Windows cob webs are cleared out at least once in a while. We recommend that you select "Hibernate" for what to do when the sleep button is pressed.

6.) On the Hibernate tab screen we recommend checking the box to Enable Hibernation.

Automatic Start: To enable automatic start of Turbo Accessories when your computer is rebooted after a full shutdown or after a power outage do the following steps:

1.) Earlier in step 4 of the Installation Instructions you created a desktop shortcut for Turbo Accessories. You will now need to place it (or a copy of it) into the Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder for Turbo Accessories to automatically startup when your computer reboots after a power outage. To find the Start Menu folder, do a right-click on the Windows Start button (lower left corner of the screen) and then select Explore. When Windows Explorer opens, it always opens to the Start Menu folder. Beneath it, open the Programs folder, and then find and open the Startup folder.

2. Either drag-and-drop the shortcut icon from you desktop into the Startup folder, or copy it and paste it into the Startup folder.  Now when your computer reboots, Turbo Accessories should just automatically run... even if you are busy snoozing or just enjoying a good beer down at the fishing hole...  carry on soldier, its all good!

Turbo Accessories Setup Instructions
Once you have setup the computer and started Turbo Accessories, then click on the  Setup  button on the main screen (shown on the computer pictures above) to open the screen shown to the right below. This section will address only the general considerations of setting up Turbo Accessories. Detailed setup for each of the three field installed modules (Jackpot, Redemption, and Night Access) will be documented on their individual detail pages. Follow these steps:

1.) Modules: In the upper left frame, select the Turbo Accessories Modules that you wish to enable. The Wickets Jackpot Module is the only one enabled in the screen shot. As you enable or disable these modules, you will find serial ports are enabled accordingly, additional setup buttons along the bottom of the screen are enabled accordingly, and various buttons, lists and frames are also changed in the main screen as well.

2.) Screen Passwords: You may separately protect access to each screen with a password. All screens have some function that either affects the operation of your system.  If all employees are trustworthy, or nobody else has access, then you may decide not to use any passwords at all. Just click the pop up  Keypad  button for the password you want to set. Set it to zero if you want no password at all. If the Setup Screen is password protected, then the passwords will be replaced by ##### characters to prevent straying eyes from seeing them. However, you may click the View Passwords button above and enter the Setup Screen password to show the real values of the passwords.

3.) Site Division: You may operate multiple field site installations using the same SiteID and view all of the data back on a central office computer. To do this you must set a Site Division value for each field site installation to a value greater than zero and different from one another. The Site Division value for the central office computer is always set to zero. If you change the Site Division value of a field installation site at a later time, no data is lost because the Site Division value is only used in the process of naming the data files that are exported (downloaded) to your USB Flash Drive for the purpose of importing (uploading) it to your central office computer. However, you must delete the files associated with the prior Site Division on the central office computer. The Division number is located in the file name following the right-most dash in its name. All data export files contain the full history of the particular site. Data transfers may be made from the Registration screen... registration information from the central office computer gets transferred to the site division computers and history data from the site division computers gets transferred to the central office computer.

4.) Serial Ports: In the upper right portion of the screen, select the serial ports for the enabled modules by clicking  +  or  -  buttons. The text box associated with each will tell you which port is selected and what its status is, including OK if it can communicate with a device, NoData if nothing is responding, Conflict if the port is assigned elsewhere, Invalid if the port does not exist on the computer, or Disabled if it is turned off. This status is also shown on the main screen of Turbo Accessories so you can see instantly if the computer is talking to all of the station devices. Many newer computers do not have a 9-pin serial port connector anymore and you must instead use a USB (universal serial bus) adapter to convert a USB port to a serial port. Generally you must use an installation disk with a USB adapter to have it be recognized by your computer. When it is recognized it will be assigned the next available COM port number on your computer. Note that this will be tied to the physical USB connector it is plugged into... so if you plug it in a different USB port your computer will assign it a different COM port number.

5.) Screen Access Timeout: Particularly if you have password protected screens, you probably want to enable the automatic exit timeout for opened screens. The timeout is set to "Never" in the example screen above. The timer is reset when any of the buttons or text boxes on a screen are clicked or otherwise used.

6.) AppID And SiteID: In the lower right frame you need to set the AppID by clicking the down arrow in the drop-down list box and selecting the market application consistent with your Wickets Administrator settings and then set the SiteID and Alt.SiteID information using the pop up  Keypad  also consistent with your Wickets Administrator settings. Note: If these settings are not correct, your Wickets will be rejected by the Wicket Readers in each of the connected stations.


USB to Serial Port Adapter Warning Note
If you are considering using your own USB to Serial Port Adapter, please beware that some don't function as well as might be expected. Some just do not transfer data in a sufficiently timely manner for IDX real-time software applications, and some of them will not re-initialize themselves after the computer has gone through a Standby or Hibernate cycle. When the adapter does not get re-initialized after Standby or Hibernate modes then Windows will report to our software that the selected serial port is not valid. You have three solutions: 1.) if you have an adapter that malfunctions as described you can unplug and plug it back in to re-initialize it... that may eventually get tiresome, or 2.) you can choose to always use a full shutdown and restart sequence by disabling Standby and Hibernate in the Control Panel -  Appearance/Themes - Display - Screen Saver - Power screen, or better yet 3.) make sure you get a Serial Port Adapter that functions well to begin with....  just buy the ones sold by IDX. The tables below list our experience with a variety of units... buyer beware!

USB to Serial Port Adapters That Work
Manufacturer Model Comments
Byte Runner PL-4COM Single USB port converts to 4 serial ports.
Cables Unlimited USB-2920 Single USB port to single serial port.


USB to Serial Port Adapters That DON'T Work
Manufacturer Model Comments
Belkin F5U109 /  N10117 Port is invalid (does not re-initialize itself) after Standby or Hibernate.
Micro Innovations USB610A No LEDs - Some blue screen of death in XP - no Vista support.
Keyspan USA-19HS Some blue screens of death in Win2K and freezes in WinXP


Window Vista Special Note - Pesky Run-Time Error #75
Windows Vista has imposed new access control restrictions with its User Account Control (UAC) utility in order to protect your computer from application software that may want to surreptitiously alter files on your computer. Turbo Accessories needs to save and update files during its use, and thus must be given special permission to do so or you will surely encounter Run-Time Error #75. When this happens, Turbo Accessories will terminate. THE GOOD NEWS IS that if you have already taken care of this for one other application, such as Wickets Administrator, you will not need to worry about it again for Turbo Accessories.

Please Click Here for detailed instructions on how to deal with the new Windows Vista UAC so that Turbo Accessories can create and modify the files it needs for its operation. Windows XP and Windows 2000 do not have the problematic UAC. In short, to install the program on your computer you will need to be logged in as an administrator. Then, to prevent the UAC from causing problems you will need to either specifically change the properties of the program file C:\Program Files\Idx\WTurbAcc\WTurbAcc.exe to have administrator privileges, or disable the UAC in Control Panel User Accounts.