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Bonus Bucks
Bonus Bucks are free promotional dollars stored in the Bonus Balance on a Customer Wicket and that work just like their real dollars stored in the Account Balance of their Wicket. When the customer uses his Wicket to start the equipment, value is first deducted from the Account Balance, and then from the Bonus Balance when none remains in the Account Balance. While their real money stored in the Account Balance must be refundable, their Bonus Bucks stored in the Bonus Balance are not refundable for cash and can only be used for running the equipment.

The advantage of Bonus Bucks over a giving a simple price discount is that in order for a customer to actually use his Bonus Bucks he must first spend all of the real money on the Wicket, whereas a simple discount provides its benefit immediately on the first use of the system and  requires no loyalty or follow through to get the benefit.

There are 4 ways for a customer to get Bonus Bucks on his Wicket:
  First, when you Revalue Wickets in Wickets Administrator in  you can designate a percentage of the purchased amount (for the Account Balance) to be added to the Bonus Balance.
  Second, when you use Wickets Administrator to create a Reader Programming Wicket for the Revalue Station Wicket Reader (which is always assigned group 0), you can designate a percentage of the purchased revalue amount to be automatically added to the Bonus Balance on the Wicket when it is being rewritten at the Revalue Station. Furthermore, you can set it to automatically give a higher percentage for customers with a certain threshold level of Loyalty Points on their Wicket, and you can set different percentages for your large Commercial Wicket customers.
  Third, when a Registered customer reads in his Wicket at the Registration Station on or near his birthday, the Registration Station can wish him a happy birthday and automatically give him a preset number of Birthday Bucks in his Wicket's Bonus Balance.
  Fourth, a Wicket with accumulated Loyalty Points can be read at the Registration Station to redeem its Loyalty Points for Bonus Bucks according to a ratio amount you have preset. Alternatively, a Wicket Reader can be programmed to start your "bonus equipment" by directly deducting Loyalty Points for the Wicket.


Loyalty Points
One Loyalty Point is accumulated on a customer's Wicket for every dollar (or Euro, etc) that is added to the Account Balance (real money) on the Wicket. As services are used, value will be debited from the Account Balance. The difference between the number of Loyalty Points and the Account Balance indicates the amount actually spent by the customer and is the number of Available Loyalty Points the customer has.  Your customer can view their Available Loyalty Points in three ways: 1.) on the status display of a Revalue Station, 2.) on the LED display of a Redemption Station, or 3.) on the Refund/Redemption screen of Wickets Administrator. As the owner-operator, it is your choice for how you would like to make use of the Available Loyalty Points feature. If you want to give your customers something like pens, snacks, hats or other such premiums in exchange for a certain number of Loyalty Points, then you must have a Wickets Administrator Station present at your place of business to read the customer's Wicket and deduct the appropriate number of Available Loyalty Points from the Wicket.

You can automate the redemption of Available Loyalty Points with the Registration / Redemption Station where a customer reads in their Wicket at the Redemption Station's Wicket Reader which then displays the number of Available Loyalty Points. It then prompts the customer to read the Wicket again to convert the Available Loyalty Points to Bonus Bucks. Upon doing so, the display will inform the customer how many how many Bonus Bucks were just added to the Wicket in exchange for taking the Loyalty Points from the Wicket.

Finally, you can even program a Wicket Reader, via the Wicket Reader Programming screen to start equipment by directly debiting a certain number of Loyalty Points. In a laundromat, for example, if a normal wash machine cycle costs $2.00 then the customer will accrue 2 Available Loyalty Points for every load of wash done. The Wicket Reader on the dryer can be programmed to essentially start the dryer for free by then taking those 2 Loyalty Points from the Wicket. This prevents the current abuse of the free dryer service offered by many laundromats by people who did not first purchase a wash cycle but use the dryer anyway. Click the picture to the right for more information on how to do this.

Wickets Jackpot
Wickets Jackpot is an automated lottery-like system designed to increase the consumer traffic to your business which will in turn increase your profits. In addition to the traffic draw, it gives your customers a reason to register their name and address so you will know who your customers are and will be able to send them promotional mailings with Mail Manager.

The Wickets Jackpot Station consists of a digital display with a mounted Wicket Reader. In order for a customer to be qualified for the next drawing, the customer must come to the Wickets Jackpot Station at your business location and read in their Wicket at the Wicket Reader. At your choice of a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly interval, Wickets Jackpot automatically holds a drawing from a database of active Wickets. If the randomly chosen Wicket was read during the qualification period then its owner wins the accumulated jackpot. Optionally, if the winner had also spent money from their Wicket during the qualification period then a bonus jackpot can also be awarded.

After a winner is drawn, the status of the drawing and the winner are displayed on the Jackpot Station scrolling LED display. If the winner is unregistered, then all unregistered customers must come in and read in their Wicket to find out if they are the winner and stake their claim. This promotion works best in combination with local radio station announcements of the jackpot results. If there is no winner, a preset amount is added and the jackpot is rolled over to the next drawing.

Birthday Bucks
Give your customers a reason to at least come in at least once a year. When a customer registers their Wicket using the Registration Station and the information is logged into the Registration Management System in your office, it includes the opportunity to register the customer's birthday. When a customer comes into your business and reads their Wicket at the Redemption Station, it checks to see if today is on or near (optional) his registered birthday.  If so, the Redemption Station will automatically add your specified number of Birthday Bucks to the customer's Bonus Balance on their Wicket... and then scroll a Happy Birthday message to the customer and let him know about the Birthday Bucks just given. When the customer uses his Wicket, debiting is first done to the real money stored in the Account Balance... and only when that is depleted is the non-refundable Bonus Balance debited.

Commercial Customer Wicket
Not all customers are created equally! Certainly you want a way to treat your large commercial customers differently from the average customer, and giving them a Commercial Customer Wicket is how you can do it. A Commercial Customer Wicket is recognized as such by the Revalue Station Wicket Reader which can be programmed so that a percentage of the purchased revalue amount is automatically added to the Bonus Balance on the Wicket when it is being rewritten at the Revalue Station. You can set different percentages for your large Commercial Wicket customers than you set for smaller spending individuals. Now you can give them due respect and recognition for their substantial patronage.

Gift Customer Wicket
With a Gift Customer Wicket you can run promotions with other businesses that may find it beneficial to give one of your Gift Customer Wickets as a perk to their good customers to try the services of your business for fee. Using Wickets Administrator you can set each Gift Customer Wicket to hold a specified number of Free Starts. When a Wicket Reader sees one of your Gift Customer Wickets it knows to debit the Free Starts and send the right number of pulses, or the correct serial data, to the equipment to start it up... even if you have changed your prices since the Gift Customer Wicket was programmed, and even if the start up price differs among your various equipment. Give them enough to get started and check things out... they will continue with real money for secondary services or for their next visit when they see they are happy with their first experience.

Night Access
With the Night Access Door Control System,  a Wicket Reader mounted at the front door of your business recognizes your customers and provide after-hours access to you business by activating an electric strike plate to release the door latch so they may enter. Keeping a business open 24 hours a day has been shown to typically increase revenue by 15% to 25%. There are two versions:

The Turbo Accessories Night Access Door Control System works with the Registration Module database of Turbo Accessories so that when the unique UserID is read from a Wicket it is transmitted to the Turbo Accessories Computer for checking against the customer registration database. If validated, the Turbo Accessories Computer sends a signal back to the Night Access Controller to activate the electric strike an let the customer in. A computer record is kept of exactly who was there and when they arrived.

The Stand Alone Night Access Door Control System does not require the Turbo Accessories Computer. Instead the Wicket Reader validates the Wicket as authentic and compares the SiteID information against what it is allowed to accept. A 2.5 second output pulse is then generated to activate the electric strike an let the customer in. There are no records kept of either who was there or when they arrived.

Mail Manager
Once you have registered some customers in the Turbo Accessories Registration Management Module, you can then use the Registration Mail Manager feature to to selectively print names and addresses on your pre-printed promotional piece according to the location, past use, or other characteristics. This helps you keep your good customers coming back, and provides a way for you to rattle the cage of customers you haven't seen for a while.