Testimonials For IDX Tokens & Xeptors

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Testimonials Regarding X-Mark Tokens and Xeptors

Posted: 08/04/2003 07:57 PM PDT
Posted by:
JimmyV [member]

We changed over to $1 IDX X-10 tokens on October, 2002 and have included American Changer credit card to tokens machines, one at each of our two ss's. They've been doing a consistent business of about 9% with a very slow increasing amount. The units dispense receipts, although a customer must reach in with his finger to find it. We've had zero problems with these units. We dispense tokens out of our Rowe 1400's bill changers. We don't dispense or accept quarters. ...And incidentally our IDX acceptors have never accepted any coins other than our X-10 tokens.

Posted: 01/26/2001 12:00 AM PST
Posted by: Shawn A

John, I too prefer IDX over the other major brands... I have good service from them and unlike some other acceptors, they are easy to set up...

Posted: 03/18/2003 07:04 PM PST
Posted by: BobS. [member]

I must admit that I am prejudice in this area & have (very) strong opinions on this subject. Ditto on Mike's post above. The IDX tokens are expensive relative to others. But, then when you consider the long term results, I believe that they are worth it. 6+ years now on the IDX coded tokens & never a counterfeit accepted by the Xeptors. I have had "customers" say that the machine didn't work & didn't accept their token. When asked, they produce some BS token from elsewhere. "Sorry, those don't work here. You will have to buy some from the token machine...". We frequently find these tokens laying on the ground near the meter boxes. But, never in the coin boxes. So in my opinion, they are worth the effort. Just my tokens worth. BobS.

Posted: 04/10/2003 05:36 PM PDT
Posted by: Randy [member]

Now that youíve got a LITTLE information on tokens you need to start doing your HOMEWORK. Find out what tokens are being used in your area, arcades, batting cages and other carwashes etc. Iíve gotten tokens from as far away as 100 miles, yes they do tend to travel. Select a token that is not being use in your area, a inexpensive 85/15 .984 is not a good choice, they are cheap but youíll end up with ton of other tokens. Talk to Virgil Vance at VanBrook heíll bend over backwards to help you get a more secure token. The first token we went with worked great till the guy in the next town went with the same token for .25, we had a 5 gallon bucket full of his tokens when we switched to another bigger token. We used to discount our tokens to our fleet accounts but stopped that when they didnít seem to care one way or the other if they got a discount. Do your homework and remember inexpensive is not always good. Thatís my nice way of saying donít be cheapster.

Posted: 03/04/2001 12:00 AM PST
Posted by: BobS.

Miles; I have used the IDX coded tokens for over 5 years & have been very satisfied. In that time I have NEVER taken a foreign token or coin. Their X-10 Xeptor reads the code on your token, in addition of the metal content & size. The codes, size & alloy variables are assigned by geographic location/zip code, etc. to ensure that the codes do not overlap. These tokens are not that much more expensive then the other mints "security" type tokens. They are well worth the money. What ever you do, if you do not use the IDX coded token, make sure you do your home work first to ensure that: 1) Your token alloy & size are unique to your area and 2) That your acceptors can read the minor differences which may exist between tokens. Some acceptors are better than others at reading different alloys (some have a hard time distinguishing certain alloys, ie. nickel). If you ever speak with someone that has had trouble with accepting someone else's tokens, you will be shocked at how overwhelming this problem can be. Email me if you need more information. Good Luck with the selection.

Posted: 03/19/2003 05:58 AM PST
Posted by:
JimmyV [member]

I've equipped all my bays and vacuums in two 6 bay SS's with IDX X-10 acceptors, 24 in total. We bought 25,000 single metal custom tokens from IDX which include their special X-Mark (bi-metal tokens are also
available). IDX also makes tokens for casinos that may be next door to each other. Their tokens are coded so that one casino can't use the other's, likewise for SS's or other businesses.

We've been operating on tokens only for the past 5 months and have had no real problems. We haven't had anyone else's tokens or coins accepted. I'm about to purchase another 25,000 soon because our inventory has dwindled down to 14,000. The customers either have the balance in hand or they're lost. In any event we've made a profit in selling them for $1 each or 11 for $10. Good Luck on your choice.
Posted: 01/26/2001 12:00 AM PST
Posted by: Gene

I have changed all my slugbusters to the MA800 and have found very few jams. If a bend coin is used it is very simple to clear the jam. Have found that the MA800 will not accept as many tokens that are close to mine. Love the programming and the ease of installation. IDX and in particular, Mike Oliver is very good to work with. Thinking of using multiple tokens are different values for industrial accounts. Beats the slugbusters hands down!

Posted: 08/17/2003 07:37 PM PDT
Posted by: JimmyV [member]

Last October we changed two EXISTING washes over to tokens only, no quarters accepted. We value our tokens at $1. Two tokens are required to start a 4 minute cycle. This was an increase in price from $1.75. The vacuums are set for one $1 token, up from $.75, and we offer 6 minutes. I don't believe that it would have made a difference if we had set that time to five minutes.

Our business has increased overall an average of 30% to date. I attribute this increase partly to the 14% increase in cost and the balance to the fact that the customer must insert a token, not a quarter, for extra time.

I have learned that if you have a good clean self service wash customers will come.
I have also learned that they come to wash their cars. They don't come with an obsession to spend quarters.

As soon as all our peers realize this they'll all get rid of quarters and increase their business significantly. Quarters should be obsolete in our business just as dimes were 25 years ago. You'll hear all the yelling and screaming about what I say from the same people who told me a year ago that I was crazy when I asked for opinions on going to "no quarters". I did take the advice of the two peers who did not accept quarters but operated with golden dollars instead of tokens I did worry about it at first but not after our increase continued into the warm weather through today.

There's no confusion with our customers in terms of the costs. There's no sorting and all the dough goes into the bill changers.
We use IDX X-10 tokens with IDX acceptors. We have yet to find a coin other than our tokens in our collection boxes.

Good Luck!