Product Function Detailed Description

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BonusTime Function
BonusTime is an incentive feature to encourage the customer to initially deposit more coins by providing an added additional bonus time of 1 second to 13 minutes (programmable) for every coin deposited when the timer reaches the BonusTime setting (programmable). This feature may be enabled or disabled in the field with the RC800 or IR800 remote control units. For example, if the timer were set for $2.00 to start for 4 minutes (30 seconds per $.25 coin), and a BonusTime setting resulting in  of 45 seconds per coin starting after 8 minutes, then you would set BonusTime for just under 8 minutes (like 7min 55sec) and BonusTime for 15 seconds per coin (in addition to the 30 seconds per coin already there). As a result, starting at the $4.00 level, the customer gets 50% more time per coin.

Token Crossplay
Token crossplay is the acceptance of other coins, tokens produced by other organizations for their purposes, but which are indistinguishable by your coin acceptor from your token. Today's electronic coin acceptors do a pretty good job of distinguishing between disks of metal that are truly different. However, since there are so very few alloys that are acceptable in corrosive environments, and so few diameters that are approved by the US Mint (to avoid crossplay with US coinage) there really aren't sufficient alloy and diameter combinations to distinctly serve the tens of thousands of car washes, arcades, pizza parlors, and other users of tokens. Hence, crossplay is a very common problem. To date, the only real system to achieve prevention of crossplay is IDX's patented X-Mark optically encoded token and X-10 Xeptor system.

Timer Fuses & Vacuum Motor Shorts
When a spring-loaded carbon commutator which brings current to the rotor of an electric motor wears down too far, the metal end cap and spring can get pulled out of its guide tube and dragged into the area around the motor shaft. If it happens to be the "common" terminal... no problem. However, if it happens to be the "hot" terminal, when it gets dragged out of its guide tube and hits the grounded case area then the arcs, sparks and fireworks show begins.

Many operators believe the UL Approved circuit breaker in the power distribution box will step in and save the day should there be a short circuit... but this is only partly true. The purpose of the circuit breaker is to prevent power wiring from overheating and starting a fire in the case of a short circuit. This only means that the circuit breaker must trip before the 14 gage wires get hot enough to start a fire, but it does not guarantee that it will protect the semiconductor switching devices in the electronic timer. When the hot side commutator wire shorts out on the motor housing, literally hundreds of amps of current instantly start to flow... there are just milliseconds of time before the semiconductor switching devices physically melt and explode out of their cases leaving nothing but a charred/melted mess in the timer enclosure... unless, of course, a fuse such as the IDX  FT30 is used to protect the semiconductor switching elements so that the fuse will blow before any damage can be done to the vacuum timer.

In short (as they say), if you don't want to blow up your vacuum timers, you must either fuse them with the IDX  FT30, or you must never forget to do maintenance on the commutators in your vacuum motors. Keep in mind that the damage caused to a timer in this manner is so uniquely destructive compared to any real malfunction of the timer that not only is such damage not repairable, but also it is excluded from product warranty as it does not cover negligence in commutator maintenance or failure to properly fuse vacuum timers with the FT30.

Site Secure Tokens
IDX X-Mark Tokens are Site Secure because the optical code minted into your tokens is guaranteed to be unique to your geographic area. Because IDX owns the patent for optically encoded tokens and coin acceptors, then IDX controls which token codes go to what geographic areas. We keep a database of every token sale made and guarantee you that no other establishment within 100 miles of your location will have your same token code. This includes all the casinos and arcades as well. The other guy selling security tokens has no control over tokens sold by all the other suppliers, nor does he keep a database on what was sold where. That is why his tokens often have not been as secure as imagined. Take a look at the testimonials from some of our customers to get an idea on how well crossplay and slugs are eliminated when using X-Mark Site Secure Tokens.

Snubbers For Line Spike Noise
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Two-Timer Function
The Two-Timer function provides for two separate Time/Value operating characteristics for a timer. For example, one could set Time/Value "A" = 4 minutes per $1.00 and set Time/Value "B" to 6 minutes per $1.00. In this example, Time/Value B will give the customer 50% more time for the same amount of money. This functionality can be used in two separate ways. First, it can be used to offer more rinse water than engine cleaner. Second, it can be used with a simple household light timer to create a time of day when discounted pricing is offered. Ask us about the great results that have been achieved with these strategies. (Note: This feature is protected under US Patent 5,371,681) 

X-Tra Time Function
The X-Tra Time function provides for a grace period of 20 seconds at the end of the timing cycle where the customer may deposit additional coins without the penalty of having to deposit the full minimum number of coins-to-start in order to continue and complete washing his vehicle. This grace period reduces the stress level of your customers and makes it more likely that they actually will take an extra minute or two with one or two more coins.