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Carwash Products
High Performance Carwash Control Components

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Cashless Stored Value Payment System


Card-Display  ... The New Standard For Card Acceptor Interfaces
CARD-DISPLAY is a standard protocol and interface designed to facilitate the interoperability of credit and debit card systems with display-timer products to convey payment, message, and status data back and forth between the two units.

Zolar - The Magnificent!  ... The Ultimate In Freeze Control
The Zolar Z440 cycles the weep water for your high pressure wands, controls your slab heater system,  controls blow down for your low pressure/foam products, controls exterior lighting and even turns on your office air conditioner or other equipment based on time.

X-Mark Tokens ... Stop The Crossplay !          Read Testimonials
X-Mark is an optical code minted into the surface of a token. X-Mark eliminates slugging and  unwanted crossplay of tokens from other nearby establishments. Because IDX owns this patented technology, only IDX can offer truly Site Secure Tokens  and guarantee there will never be a token like yours within 100 miles of your carwash. Can your token do that?

Coin Acceptors ... Know The Difference !
Does your coin acceptor Know The Difference between the coins and tokens you want to accept and those you don't? Whether you want to accept just the 25˘ coin, multiple coins, multi-national coins, coins and tokens, IDX has the right coin acceptor to do the job.
MA-600 Xeptor Basic mechanical coin acceptor.
MA-601 Gemini Twin Single coin electronic comparator.
MA-800 Hawk Xeptor Accepts up to 6 different coins and/or tokens, is easily field programmable, bent coin release, multi-color diagnostic LED.
X-10 Eagle Xeptor

All of the features of the MA-800 plus the ability to read X-Mark Site Secure Tokens. Who's tokens are you taking?

Bill Acceptors ... One That Works Outdoors !
IDX offers Coinco's New Mag Pro bill acceptor featuring increased acceptance rates, longer life and greater reliability. The high acceptance of valid bills including wet, torn, and damaged bills increases up-time. Protects from losses and damage due to "pull-back" and salting. Easy-cleaning, snap-in modules, for on-the-spot service.
Bay & Vac Timers ... Toughest In The Industry !
IDX timers are built with the most durable high power outputs in the industry - bar none! The AT-411 series of vacuum timers include such options as X-Tra Time, Last Coin Alert, Anti Freeze Timer, Two-Timer and a 24VAC built-in transformer to power a coin acceptor. The MX-8 series of  high pressure delay timers saves wear and tear, while the MX-48 Foaminator series is designed to control solenoids for multiple colors of soap foam.
Display Timers ... Show Me The Numbers !
IDX manufactures the Little Two Timer, the Big Time, and the Jumbo Time series of Display-Timers. Each of these may be configured as a display only for tracking another timer, or may have the timer output in it as well. The Little Two Timer mounts inside the meter box while the Big Time and Jumbo Time are mounted externally on the wall. 
Selector Switches ... Electronic & Mechanical
IDX offers the toughest corrosion resistant 8 and 10 position mechanical rotary selector switches available today. Or, step up to the 10 position electronic selector switch with beeper, lighted button indicators, short circuit proof solid state outputs, secret code for enabling bay wash-down, and configurable output for the high pressure pump.
Meter Boxes ... Serviceable Hinged Door Boxes !
IDX meter boxes are widely known for ease of service with their drop-down hinged removable doors. They are pre-wired, use snubber terminal blocks, come in a variety of sizes and safe options, and may be configured for just about any combination of coin acceptor, display, bill valuator and selector switch you may want. The door's graphic overlay top surface is heavy duty polycarbonate, is easily field customized, and easily field replaced if damaged.
Electric Safes ... No Locks To Pick At !
The IDX Electric Safes have no visible locks for thieves to attack. The drawer is released only by using your key in an electric key switch located in your control room. The key switch activates double redundant electric solenoids inside the vault to release the drawer for opening. No more problems with saws, crow bars, and other implements of destruction!!
Menu Signs ...  BIG BOLD GRAPHICS !!!
Bay Menu Signs are 24" by 36" size thick polycarbonate sheets in stainless steel frames. Spot labels match those on meter box rotary switch and may be put on in any order in the field. All graphics are printed on or attached to the back surface of the sign for protection. Available with no backlighting, with backlit spots that track meter box rotary switch, and with optional position for mounting Big Time as shown in the photo on the left.
Snubber Terminals ... Bye Bye Electrical Interference!      Tech Details
High current solenoids, contactors and other heavy duty electrical equipment in your carwash produce upwards of 10kV voltage spikes and showering arcs on your 24VAC. When these voltage spikes crawl around your wiring, they can interfere with your electronic timers, displays and coin acceptors that use the same 24VAC power resulting in "strange behavior." Snubber terminal blocks clamp and absorb these spikes so your equipment behaves as expected. IDX puts these snubber terminals in all meter boxes shipped. If you experience "strange behavior" in some of your bays, you probably need to add snubber terminals. 
Other Accessories ... The Important Details !
IDX provides nearly a bazillion other important little accessories to look after the details of making your carwash function at its best. They include; transformers, locks, specialty fuses, beepers, coin counters, strobes, labels and decals, snap-in acceptor face plates, indicator lights, crimping tools, hour meters, and the list goes on an on.



X-Mark encoded tokens and Xeptors are protected under these IDX patents:
  U.S.#5,046,841   U.S.#6,021,882   U.S.#6,112,876   Japan #2,228,791   U.K.#8,929,131   U.K.#2,227,347 
  U.K.#9,905,044   GB 2,357,620 U.K.#2,335,297   German #4,000,197   Canada #1,313,806   Canada #2,265,244  
  Canada #2,323,844    Australia #4,788,290   Australia #619,639   Australia #1,952,499

--- Other Patents Pending ---