IDX,  Incorporated 
400 West Cedar Street El Dorado ,   AR 71730
Phone: 1-800-643-1109    FAX: 1-870-862-3472

Company History
IDX was founded in 1987 by with the vision of bringing a Site Secure Token and acceptor to market to eliminate counterfeiting and unwanted cross-play. Utilizing their background in optical sensing, this took the form of facets minted into the token surface to create an optically readable code.  IDX started its business with numerous products for the car wash market, including the model MA711 optically encoded token and quarter acceptor which utilized 0.984" injection molded polycarbonate prismatic facet tokens. For the first time, the car wash market had a truly Site Secure Token and operators could eliminate acceptance of tokens from other near by establishments.

Another key innovation of the early 1990's was the concept of the Two-Timer, which for the first time gave self service carwash operators the ability to set a different time/value for rinse water than for more expensive soaps and specialty cleaners, for example. The concept was initially offered in the AT-422 Vacuum Timer and was quickly followed with the Little Two Timer display/timer, and has since evolved into product models that include up to 7 different time/value parameters in a single timer/display.

In 1994, IDX formally ventured into the casino gaming market by meeting with major OEMs and casinos to determine the specific needs and wants of the industry. From these meetings and follow on design reviews with the same group, the model X-10 Xeptor and X-Mark token code were developed. IDX selected and exclusively licensed Osborne Coinage as a partner to mint and market the X-Mark tokens. The X-10 Xeptor was introduced in 1997. In addition to the success in the gaming markets, the X-10 Xeptor has since become the carwash industry standard coin acceptor in Auto-Tellers and is regarded in the industry as the coin acceptor you turn to for high performance multi-coin acceptance and truly Site Secure Token acceptance. 

IDX is an aggressive privately held company without corporate molasses, focused on customer service before and after the sale. Product engineering uses modern computer aided design tools. IDX holds dominant US & foreign optical encoded token/acceptor patents, and has other patents pending.. The X-10 and X-50 Xeptors are approved throughout North America by gaming boards and agencies, and in many foreign countries, and have become the standard coin acceptor for production by many important slot machine manufacturers. Our built-in-test software, established written quality standards, and specially designed test equipment for both the IDX Xeptors and the minted X-Mark tokens ensures a reliable system in the field, first time - every time, and is fundamentally what sets us apart from the competition.

James Halsey President
Scott Juds V.P. Engineering
James Erwin V.P. Manufacturing 
John Q. Smith Q.A. & Production Engineering
Mike Oliver Sales Manager, Carwash

X-Mark encoded tokens and Xeptors are protected under these IDX patents:
  U.S.#5,046,841   U.S.#6,021,882   U.S.#6,112,876   Japan #2,228,791   U.K.#8,929,131   U.K.#2,227,347 
  U.K.#9,905,044   GB 2,357,620 U.K.#2,335,297   German #4,000,197   Canada #1,313,806   Canada #2,265,244  
  Canada #2,323,844    Australia #4,788,290   Australia #619,639   Australia #1,952,499

--- Other Patents Pending ---