America's Oldest Private Mint
2851 Massachusetts Ave,   Cincinnati, OH  45225
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Company History
Originally founded in 1835 under the name of the Z. Bisbee Co. and known today as Osborne Coinage Co., it is America's oldest private mint. In 1943 the mint was acquired by Clifford Stegman Sr. and two partners as Osborne Coinage Company. Today, it is operated by Thomas Stegman and his sons Jeffrey and Todd.

Osborne holds numerous distinctions. It minted the 1860 presidential campaign medals for Abraham Lincoln's successful campaign, and for eight other presidential candidates. During World War II, Osborne was called upon by the U.S. Government to mint 5 billion food ration tokens, causing production to reach 80 million tokens a day. Osborne also developed and produced special script medium-of-exchange tokens for thousands of coal mines with a non-counterfeit guarantee. Additionally, every year, Osborne mints millions of doubloons for the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. And finally, Osborne has cumulatively minted more transportation tokens than any other private mint, including the 100 million tokens used by the New York subway system.

In 1995, Osborne entered the casino gaming market. Since then, Osborne has produced tokens for over 50 casinos, has become licensed by most gaming boards, and completed a "Secure Area" plant expansion specifically for gaming tokens. In 1996, Osborne acquired the exclusive rights to produce the patented X-Mark optically encoded tokens in the North American gaming and transportation markets with the belief that the X-Mark technology and its rigid standards of design will finally provided the long awaited, cost effective, and reliable solution addressing the needs for a higher security token. Commitments made for timely shipments of better quality products are assured by the infrastructure we have put in place to fulfill those commitments, and is fundamentally what sets us apart from other mints.

Company Highlights "Secured Area" per gaming industry standards for processing casino token orders. Three walk-in vaults for secure storage of minting dies. Development of game specific security alloys. Production of multi-metal security tokens. Exclusively licensed to produce X-Mark optically encoded tokens. Re-order metallurgical matching ensures new tokens match tokens already in play. In-house blanking from raw strip material to ensure tight dimensional tolerances. In-line sample inspection ensures conformance to metallurgical, dimensional, and optical reflectivity specifications. High speed Schuler and HME presses provide a capacity of 2,700 coins per minute. We also perform high volume subcontract manufacturing for other well known mints.

Company Service
The Osborne Coinage Company is committed to providing the highest quality tokens and customer satisfaction in the industry. The plant, equipment, processes, procedures, and personnel we have put in place have been specifically tailored to meeting that commitment. Osborne is known for its quick response capability and for tokens with quality and consistency second to none in the industry. This is what fundamentally sets us apart from other mints. Come visit our company web site at

The Osborne Team

Thomas Stegman.... President
Jeffery Stegman...... V.P. Sales & Marketing
Todd Stegman....... V.P. Operations
David Blumenfeld... Dir. Sales & Marketing
Joe Saylor:............ Eastern Sales Manager, Casinos
Art Olita:............... Western Sales Manager, Casinos